Client Bridge Access

Direct Access (as of May 2023)

Please note that in an effort to keep this webpage “information only” for the utmost in security, with no data access/transfer, all Pearl Bridge API clients will now access their account via their own direct API connections. You will need the following data for secure connection:
  • LOGIN: (Client Bridge login)
  • PASSWORD: (Client Bridge Password)
  • ACCOUNT NUMBER: (Clients Account Number)
  • BRIDGE CONNECT PASSWORD: (Clients Bridge Password)
  • SERVER IP: (either the IP to NYC or LD4)
  • PORT: (8060)
  • SenderCompID: (Clients Account Number)
  • TargetCompID: (PearlBridgePROD)

Top FAQs About Our New Connectivity Access

Is SSL used for UAT? Or for live production only?

Live production only.

Does SSL require/use .pem certificate files?

Yes, please contact us when required.

Do orders and market data both come over a single API connection session now? Or are they in two separate sessions?

Two separate sessions. Example: if the client user id is for example AAA, they can use 2 sessions like this: AAA for trade, and AAA_DATA for the data session. So essentially by affixing “_DATA” to the order session, and using the same password, it will solve any issues.

Are quotes streamed with every size change immediately or are updates sent periodically with some throttling?

Our connection allows you to use snapshots (periodical update with throttling) or real-time market data (every price/quantity change).

If throttling takes place, how often are data sent when full refresh is selected?

50-100MS (depending on the dataset).

If throttling takes place, how often are quotes updated when Incremental refresh is selected?


Is there any advantage to full refresh versus incremental refresh if I am only requesting a book depth of 3?

These are essentially two different things for two different requirements. If you want real-time market data and every change, it is best to use incremental.  If you want snapshots then it is best to take a full refresh. Computing power should also be factored into this decision. We simply provide both.

Contact Us For Support

Contact us directly or via our support ticketing system should you need assistance with connecting or any of your credentials reset. We are here to help. Please ensure to include which data center and server you are wishing to connect to.